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0nIC aka "Jordan Keeling"
Age: 18
Job: Site Creator, Site Admin, Film Crew, Episode Production, Webmaster, Crew Member
Favorite Saying: "A Life Without Cause, Is A Life Without Effect."
Hometown: Milpitas, California
AIM Contact: OMM7
MSN Contact: [email protected]
YIM Contact: SSS.0nIC

About: Keith and I created the site on December 28, 2005 for the sole purpose of us destroying stuff. (Later on, SmashSomeStuff became a social experiment.) Our first idea was to prank one of our good friends by purchasing a working PlayStation2 on eBay and then switching it with his PlayStation2. Then we start beating the hell out of it right in front of him. SmashSomeStuff keeps expanding with new and creative ideas to smash and completely destroy things. I hope it grows even more than what it is now (which is very big) and even more people discover it.
** If you wish to contact us to ask a question, or send hate mail, then I am the person you want to email.
** CLICK HERE To view my interview with EvolutionStopsHere.com from 2006.

Keithazoid aka "Keith Bunnell"
Age: 20
Job: Site Co-Creator, Film Crew, Site Crew Member
Favorite Saying: "Why would anyone pass up smashing things in front of people for free?"
Hometown: Milpitas, California
AIM Contact: Keithazoid123456

About: I helped create this site with Jordan. The second Jordan brought up the idea of SmashSomeStuff.com, I said HELL YES!!! Because how could I pass up smashing things for the fun of it? It�s like my dream come true. I am highly experienced in filming and a novice at video editing. You shall see many things smashed by both Jordan and I. :)

SL4Z aka "Jaron Avila"
Age: 18
Job: Audio Production, Video Production, Film Crew, Crew Member
Favorite Saying: "Quack!"
Hometown: San Jose, California
Current Location: Howe, Indiana
AIM Contact: imamadpenguin

About: I am the newest addition to the crew. I love to smash things the hell out of things, which is pretty much why I am part of the crew here at SmashSomeStuff. I attend the same high school as Jordan. I like to ride motocross, play paint ball, skateboard, and chill with my girlfriend all day! :) Occasionally, I will go up to random people and say *HI* (in a retarded voice) or *QUACK!* just to be funny. lol If you want to talk to me, e-mail or IM me.

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