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We are not a charity! We will NOT donate any of the money we raised.
If people want to donate to a charity, let them.
All Donations Are NON-REFUNDABLE.

Make Paypal payments to: donate [*AT*] smashsomestuff [dot] com
** To make sure you are human, replace [*AT*] with the @ sign and [dot] with a period "." **

Current Major Projects:
Smash My iPhone Site

Other completed projects not listed to save space.
Watch completed episodes by Clicking HERE.

Cash NeededDonateAmount Raised
Smash An Apple iPhone$ 299.00DONE! $310.56
Smash A Microsoft ZUNE$ 160.00Canceled
Smash HALO 3 Ledgendary$ 100.00 Canceled -
Smash A DS Lite$ 120.00Canceled -
Smash a Nintendo Wii$ 250.00 DONE! $250.00
Smash An XBOX 360$ 400.00DONE! $400.00

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