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Album description: Hi-res Photos from the "Smash My PSOne" episode.
If you use them on a website, please give us proper credit for them.

snes before.JPG
snes before.JPG2321.105KB
psone x and mem.JPG
psone x and mem.JPG1889.697KB
psone lid owned.JPG
psone lid owned.JPG2067.804KB
psone destroyed.JPG
psone destroyed.JPG2356.427KB
psone clean up.JPG
psone clean up.JPG2457.577KB
psone after2.JPG
psone after2.JPG2311.042KB
psone after.JPG
psone after.JPG2320.904KB
nintendo logo.JPG
nintendo logo.JPG1887.558KB
broken psone lid.JPG
broken psone lid.JPG2246.281KB
Nintendo Help Hotline.JPG
Nintendo Help Hotline.JPG1913.72KB

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